Controller Repairer and Tester

Adjust, clean, repair, and test electric control equipment of commuters.

What does a Controller Repairer and Tester do?

Adjusts, cleans, repairs, and tests electric control equipment of commuter and rapid transit cars or streetcars, following wiring diagrams and using specialized test equipment and handtools: Blows dirt from relays and switches, using airhose. Examines parts, such as control points, relays, and wiring, and adjusts or replaces defective parts. Observes operation of relays to verify conformance to specifications. Disassembles electric controller cylinders and replaces defective parts, such as copper contact segments, insulation disks, and spacing washers. Examines systems for short circuits or broken wires preparatory to high potential test, using megameter, and tests for defective circuits. Assembles and paints controller cylinders and tests cylinders to verify specified operation.