Control Panel Tester

Inspect and test electrical panels.

What does a Control Panel Tester do?

Inspects and tests electrical panels used to control machinery, equipment, and systems for conformance with specifications, following blueprints and wiring schematics, and using electrical testing equipment and instruments: Compares wiring and location of control devices on panel with blueprints and wiring diagrams to verify assembly. Examines wiring for loose or faulty connections. Connects leads from panel onto power source leads to prepare for testing activities. Turns rheostat to impose and regulate current loads onto panel controls and observes action of relays, cut-outs, and other devices for conformance with specifications. Tests wiring circuits and controls to isolate and locate causes of malfunctions, using electrical instruments, such as voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. Records causes of malfunctions on test sheet and routes defective panels for rework. May change defective control devices on panel, using handtools, and solder loose or faulty wiring.