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Control Panel Operator



Operate control panels.

What does a Control Panel Operator do?

Operates control panel to regulate temperature, pressure, rate of flow, and tank level in petroleum refining, processing, and treating units and petro-chemical units, according to process schedules: Observes instruments and meters to verify specified conditions and records readings. Moves and adjusts dials, switches, valves, and levers on control panel to regulate and coordinate process variables, such as flows, temperatures, pressures, vacuum, time, catalyst, and chemicals as specified. Reports malfunctioning equipment to REFINERY OPERATOR. Records results of laboratory analyses. May test products for chemical characteristics and color, or send them to laboratory for analysis. May change recording charts and ink pens [CHART CHANGER]. May operate auxiliary equipment to assist in distilling or treating operations. May lubricate equipment. May be designated according to type of unit or process as Control-Panel Operator, Cracking Unit; Control-Panel Operator, Crude Unit; Control-Panel Operator, Polymerization Unit; Control Panel Operator, Solvent-Treating Unit.

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