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Control Inspector

Inspect pulpwood construction boards.

What does a Control Inspector do?

Inspects pulpwood construction board, such as ceiling tiles, insulation panels, and siding, for conformity to appearance and dimensional standards and packing and labeling specifications: Examines materials for surface defects, such as flaws in paint, excess or insufficient glue on laminated panels or joints, warped panels, and ragged edges. Verifies thickness, size, and squareness of boards or panels, using calipers, carpenter’s square, and rule. Starts circular saw to cut samples from finished products for testing flame resistance, strength, and insulation qualities by control laboratory. Notifies supervisor or equipment operators when board does not meet specifications to facilitate control adjustments. Prepares reports of defects discovered, origin of defects, shift production, and number of rejects for quality control personnel. Examines packing materials and observes packing activities to ensure that customer and plant specifications are met and that products are appropriately labeled for shipment. Notifies supervisor to direct destruction, reprocessing, or repacking of faulty shipments. May perform standard quality control tests on products, using prescribed laboratory equipment and procedures. May be designated according to product inspected as Siding-Coreboard Inspector; or according to work area assigned as Coating-Line Checker.