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Bid on construction projects and hire subcontractors to complete them.

What does a Contractor do?

It takes a small army of people, all working together, to complete a construction project. Electricians, Plumbers, Interior Decorators, Roofers, Painters, and many other workers must be hired, managed, and paid. As a Contractor, you do this work, hiring and supervising the subcontractors used in each project.

Before you can hire other people, you must be hired yourself. You’re given drawings and other documents that describe the project, and you figure out how much it will cost. While giving a low quote may guarantee that you’ll get hired, it may also mean you’ll pay to build the project out of your own pocket. So you think hard before giving an estimate.

If you’re chosen to work on the project, you create documents for your subcontractors to sign. These documents outline what each subcontractor will do, when the work will be done, and how much each firm will be paid. They’re a sort of blueprint for the project, and your protection against problems, so you sweat over the details and make sure everything is crystal clear.

Once the project begins, you set up a home away from home on the construction site. Each day, you make sure the project is being done properly. If you spot a mistake, you call the subcontractor and demand a solution.

The project’s owner may come to visit from time to time, and you roll out the red carpet to show them around the magnificent work your team has done. At the end of the project, you go on a tour of the entire site to make sure the work is truly complete.