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Contract Specialist



Supervise contractual agreements between an organization or a government agency and material suppliers.

What does a Contract Specialist do?

Contract specialists, also known as purchasing directors, agents, or managers, create and manage contracts between the organization and its suppliers. The term “contract specialist” also refers to a person employed in a negotiator position by a government agency or a manufacturing firm. In this position, you’re expected to win the best deal for your company.

If employed by the government, you’re the point of contact for the government contracts, subcontracts, and federal procurements. Contract specialists should be adept at understanding legislative and regulatory issues as you study, evaluate, negotiate, review, and draft contracts. It’s your job to see that both parties comply with the agreement.

Contract specialists need skills in negotiation, persuasion, and strategic thinking. Knowledge of contracts, market research, the capacity to ascertain suppliers, and the ability to oversee contract compliance are essential. You must have excellent written and oral communication skills, as you interact directly with business owners. Typically, the educational qualification required is a bachelor’s degree, and relevant experience is an asset.

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