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Contract Lawyer



Counsel clients on the proper way to write contracts.

What does a Contract Lawyer do?

Contracts come in a plethora of forms, but they all have one thing in common: they can be exceedingly complicated to write, understand, and apply. That’s not a problem for you though. With their eye for detail and understanding of contract law, Contract Lawyers can filter through the grime and find the gem in any contract.

Contract Lawyers offer advice to businesses and individuals on the proper way to structure contracts. If you’re a Contract Lawyer, you have an intricate knowledge of the law and know how to include pertinent information and clauses that protect your client against accusations of fraud or breach of contract.

On a typical day, you might meet with a Business Owner to formulate a contract for a shipping agreement, evaluate a tenant- Landlord agreement for another client, appear in court to represent a case, and compose a letter to an employer on behalf of an ex-employee. These are just a few examples of the myriad contracts you work with.

Within this field, you may specialize in one area, such as civil or business contracts. Regardless of your area though, you help formulate accurate and legally binding contracts that protect your client’s interests.

In addition, you represent them if the contract is disputed. When that happens, you review every minute detail of the case, correspond with opposing Counsel and the courts, advise your client, and work towards a settlement. If an agreement can’t be reached outside of court, you represent your client in front of the Judge.

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