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Contract Compliance Officer



Keep track of contract details and see that they're fulfilled.

What does a Contract Compliance Officer do?

In the past, companies could seal agreements with a simple handshake. These agreements might have been warm and friendly, but they were fuzzy on details. To cut down on confusion, modern businesses formalize their agreements in detailed contracts that list what exactly each company has agreed to do.

These documents are only effective, however, if both companies actually do what they’ve promised. A Contract Compliance Officer ensures that the contract is enforced and that all legal obligations are met.

If you work as a Contract Compliance Officer, the Contract Compliance Director provides you with copies of the contracts your company has signed, and you look over those contracts carefully and create a spreadsheet of deadlines to track. For example, if your company is working on a construction contract, you may need to provide documentation of your insurance policies once per year. Making sure these deadlines are met is the Contract Compliance Officer’s responsibility.

Contracts also require your company to demonstrate that certain policies are met. For example, your company may be required to hire employees of a specific gender or ethnicity. You confirm the data with your Human Resources Manager, and provide a certification to the client that you’ve met this requirement.

If you spot an area where your company is breaking a promise, you notify the Contract Compliance Director right away and provide suggestions on how to bring the company into compliance. Sometimes, the clients spot the error before you do, and Lawyers get involved. When this happens, you pull together a report detailing what caused the problem, when you spotted it, and how it was corrected.

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