Contract Administrator

Arrange contracts and make sure both parties follow them.

What does a Contract Administrator do?

In elementary school, you closed deals with pinky-swears. In college, you read your apartment lease three times before signing. Now that you’re in the corporate world, you diligently enforce business contracts through your role as a Contract Administrator. It’s your job to arrange contracts with clients, and ensure that everyone upholds their end of the bargain.

When your company wants to make a deal with a new client, your first order of duty as Contract Administrator is to review the contract. You arrange the terms of the agreement, and make sure each person knows exactly what they’re agreeing to. The largest portion of a Contract Administrator’s day is spent reading contracts, and explaining the terms and conditions to clients. Since agreements can last for years, you often handle multiple contracts at once.

After both parties sign the contract, you make sure they follow the terms. Think of yourself as a contract Referee. If one person has a complaint, you work to resolve the problem. If the parties agree to change the terms of their agreement, they must talk to you to make it official.

Eventually, all contracts come to an end, and you complete the closeout phase. You review the contract and confirm that all conditions were met as agreed upon. Once it’s squared away, the contract is terminated, and the clients go home with their money’s worth. Your services help businesses avoid potential lawsuits and sticky situations.