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Continuous Crusher Operator

Tend machines that crush carbonized vegetable matters from woolen cloths.

What does a Continuous Crusher Operator do?

Tends crushing machine or fulling mill that crushes and dusts carbonized vegetable matter from woolen cloth: Starts crushing machine and observes as cloth flows back and forth, to detect tear-outs. Stops machine, disentangles tear-out, and threads cloth through crushing rollers to swing-folding attachment. Doffs trucks of cloth from delivery end of machine. Removes waste from dust bins. Threads cloth through pressure rollers of fulling mill and sews cloth ends together to form endless rope, using sewing machine. Starts machine that processes cloth through pressure rollers for specified period of time. Ravels seam at end of cycle, laps end of cloth over reel, and starts reel to transfer cloth from machine to handtruck.