Continuous Absorption Process Operator

Control continuous absorption process equipment.

What does a Continuous Absorption Process Operator do?

Controls continuous absorption process equipment to remove coloring from sugar beet juice and gas regenerating furnace to reactivate carbon: Starts conveyors and elevators to fill absorption tank with activated carbon. Opens valves and starts pumps to force sugar juice through carbon in tank. Observes gauges and recorder readings on panelboard and adjusts controls to obtain constant flow of juice through tank. Draws sample of juice and observes color for conformance to specifications. Diverts flow of juice through standby tank when color of juice does not meet specifications. Moves controls on panelboard to admit fuel and air into regenerating furnace, and presses button that automatically ignites fire in furnace. Starts conveyors and feeders to convey carbon from tank into furnace that removes impurities in carbon. Reads gauges and recorders and adjusts controls to regulate furnace temperature, fuel-air ratio, and feed rate of carbon into furnace. Records operating data in station log.