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Continuity Director



Check ad and TV show scripts for offensive content.

What does a Continuity Director do?

Once a commercial starts playing on the radio, the information is heard and it’s impossible to retract it. That’s why so many radio and television stations hire Continuity Directors, who are responsible for screening programs and commercials before they’re released to the public.

Continuity Directors spend much of their time reading their company’s handbook, making sure they know exactly what sorts of topics their company finds offensive or vulgar. These topics can vary widely from company to company. But, as a Continuity Director, you refrain from making notes about vulgar topics on Post-It notes, unless you want to spend time with your Human Resources Manager. You also find out what the Federal Communications Commission defines as slanderous or libelous so you can keep your company from getting sued.

You’re given scripts of advertisements and programs, and you review those carefully, making sure no items on your watch list slip through into an approved script. You may listen to or watch completed programs before they’re released to check whether your approved script has been followed. However, you make sure not to spoil the season endings of popular shows, although you’ll have that information far in advance.

You may find yourself working with a team of Freelance Writers who are creating scripts without extensive knowledge of the terms banned by your company. If a banned term appears repeatedly in a script, you may need to call that Writer and discuss the issue. Also, if a program or commercial contains music, you confirm that the company has the right to use that music, or that the appropriate royalty charges have been paid to the Artist.

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