Contestant Coordinator

Interview and choose game show contestants.

What does a Contestant Coordinator do?

Game shows give people an opportunity to win money, make absolute fools of themselves in front of thousands of their peers, or both. To ensure that the shows will be popular, contestants are selected carefully. That’s where the Contestant Coordinator comes in. Contestant Coordinators choose the contestants and prepare them to compete.

If you’re a Contestant Coordinator, people may travel extremely long distances for the chance to compete on your show. Before you allow anyone to try out, you ask them to fill out legal paperwork proving that they’re old enough to play and they meet any other show requirements. Anyone who is ineligible is asked to leave.

Once the formalities are out of the way, the fun begins. You interview contestants to find out how chatty and interesting they are, or you give them a test to determine how smart they are and how well they understand the show. If your show is talent-based, you ask people to perform for you. At the end of these tests, you tell many people that they haven’t been selected and you send them home.

Once you’ve whittled the contestants down to a mere few, you photograph them or film them at work. Sometimes, you set up mock games for them to play so you know how well they understand the show. You may be able to tell people right away if they’ve been selected, but otherwise, you write cheerful letters once the selection process is complete.

On game day, you give the selected contestants name tags and final instructions. Sometimes, you hand out tissues and cough drops to extra nervous players.