Content Strategist

Create a brand identity through articles, videos, and other unique media.

What does a Content Strategist do?

A content strategist creates and promotes a company’s story. Content strategists have become an essential part of the world of modern marketing, thanks to web 2.0. While companies used to sell their products via billboards, newspaper ads, and TV commercials, they’re now exchanging “advertising” for “engagement.” In this position, you turn one-way transmissions into two-way conversations through social networks, blogs, viral videos, online reviews, and more.

As a content strategist, you’re often employed by interactive marketing agencies and media companies, although you can also work in-house for a specific company. Either way you’re paid to develop content—things people can see, read, watch, listen to, and interact with, including text, graphics, video, and audio—for branded websites. You may also work with mobile applications, social networks, e-books, and other interactive platforms.

Creating content isn’t your only focus though. Your job involves content planning, development, design, production, analysis, management, and measurement. This can encompass everything from editorial voice, content needs analysis, and information architecture to web writing, search engine optimization (SEO), and distribution.

If web content were manufactured on an assembly line, you’d be the conveyor belt moving it from raw material to finished product!