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Content Marketing Manager



Choose relevant blogs, videos, and other content to promote your company.

What does a Content Marketing Manager do?

Blogs, videos, podcasts – great content can create sales, and Content Marketing Managers create great content. A company’s Content Marketing Manager oversees Copywriters and other content creators to ensure coherence and quality in what the company produces to entertain and engage customers.

Instead of luring customers in with flashy ads, many companies have turned to high-value content to promote themselves. A yarn company might offer free knitting patterns on their website, for example, while a cooking supply store might offer a free recipe e-book.

When you’re a Content Marketing Manager, the majority of your day is spent in the office developing strategies, reviewing research results, or proofing rough drafts of articles and/or videos. You look through statistics to find out what content is most in demand, and check that your Writers meet those expectations.

When you know what you want to say, you brainstorm the projects to get that message across. You might assign one Copywriter to publish a new blog, and another to devise a new meme that could spread across the Internet. You could even paint your message on the side of a giraffe and have it parade around town. If it’s content, it’s part of your job territory.

While anyone could type out some words on a website or shoot a video on their iPhone, the real skill comes from evaluating which words and images work. As Content Marketing Manager, you know what to say, and where and when to say it. By ensuring that all departments focus on the same theme in their messages, you create a company brand that customers come to know and trust.

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