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Fill a company's site and social media platforms with interesting content.

What does a Content Curator do?

A Content Curator mines for information. Just as the world needed Miners to scour the earth for coal and iron during the Industrial Revolution, the current Information Age needs people who can find, extract, and process information.

As a Content Curator, it’s your job to “curate”—collect, organize, and share—content, most of which is published electronically. Whether it’s in the form of online articles, blog posts, photos, videos, or podcasts, you operate on the premise that good information is hard to find: Because time is scarce and the Internet is vast, you’re paid to be a cerebral Personal Shopper for your company’s customers, cherry-picking from virtual shelves the best and most current information based on their individual professions, passions, and pastimes.

If you work for a foodservice supplier, for instance, your job as a Content Curator is scouring the Internet for information on restaurants, menus, and food trends for Restaurateurs. If you work for a staffing agency, on the other hand, it’s collecting information about employee recruitment and retention for Human Resource Managers.

Whoever your employer and whatever the audience, you spend your days finding the best information in the best articles on the best websites, then aggregating and summarizing it in the form of web pages and email newsletters. The result: Instead of advertising to customers, your company is engaging them, establishing itself as a time saver rather than a time waster by finding for them the proverbial needle in an informational haystack!

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