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Contaminated Land Consultant



Plan the rehabilitation of contaminated commercial sites.

What does a Contaminated Land Consultant do?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and nowhere is that truer than at the site of a rundown commercial landscape. What once stood as a proud factory is now reduced to a pile of rubble in a muddy field. A new business wants to buy the land, but first they have to talk to the Contaminated Land Consultant. Contaminated Land Consultants inspect the land for dangerous contaminants, like chemicals, and develop a plan for cleaning up the site.

Your ultimate goal as a Contaminated Land Consultant is to make the land useful again. Then the renovation process can start and that stagnant mud hole can turn into a thriving, grassy landscape. But if the area poses too great a threat to environmental or human safety, it’s up to you to pull the plug.

On a typical workday, you travel to one or more potentially contaminated sites. You assess the risks by testing samples of the soil and collecting materials from the site. After thoroughly inspecting the area and examining lab test results, you write a report on what contaminants were found and how best to deal with them.

In this job, you also need a head for numbers. Even if a site can be cleaned up, that doesn’t always mean it should be. If the cost of fixing the site isn’t worth the effort, you may have to advise your client to start looking elsewhere. In this line of work, you are a guardian protecting both nature and people from hazardous material.

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