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Contact Lens Lathe Operator

Operate jeweler's lathes to cut curvature in contact lens blanks.

What does a Contact Lens Lathe Operator do?

Operates jeweler’s lathe to cut inside or outside curvature in contact lens blanks: Reads prescription to determine lens thickness and dioptric power and converts specified dioptric power to radius dimensions, using conversion table. Inserts plastic blank in holding chuck of lathe. Adjusts cutting tool mechanism for specified radius of inside or outside curvature and depth of cut. Starts lathe and turns crank to advance cutting tool. Observes gauge and readjusts lathe to prevent excessive cutting. Pulls control arm to move cutting tool across face of lens. Removes lens from chuck and examines lens for smoothness of cut. Measures lens to verify compliance with specifications, using thickness gauge and calipers. Tapes finished lens to work order and places lens in routing box.