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Consumer Studies Professor

Teach university students about consumer studies.

What does a Consumer Studies Professor do?

Consumer studies involves the study of how, why, and when people shop. It’s useful knowledge for consumers, and even more useful for the businesses trying to get them to buy their merchandise. For those interested in knowing more about the topic, Consumer Studies Professors teach the subject.

As a Consumer Studies Professor, you might teach a class or two, or you might juggle a full load. You’re a Teacher at the university level, which means your students are well established in their majors. That being said, your students come from a variety of backgrounds and choose diverse fields of study ranging from fashion to merchandising to retail sales to product design. All of them, however, benefit from the information you present.

Speaking of curriculum, your Consumer Studies Professor duties have you designing and presenting lectures to classrooms of students. You might even manage telecommute classes or Internet courses. However you reach your students, you impart your passion for the subject, motivate them to ask questions and start discussions, and test their knowledge.

Outside of the classroom, you make yourself available for consultation where students can approach you with questions and concerns. You grade papers, record grades, and make notes about each student.

As with most Professor positions, you’re expected to perform research and work towards getting your studies published. You can also mentor students through the research process. To round out your free time, you’re involved in campus politics and activities.