Consumer Advocate

Create awareness about products and practices that scam consumers.

What does a Consumer Advocate do?

Advocates work in nearly every industry. Their goal is to inform the public and inspire people to take action as needed. While the image of a picket line is perhaps a little dramatic, that’s the type of attention Advocates like to promote. They also contact citizens through mailings, phone calls, websites, blogs, and public speeches.

Consumer Advocates are a type of Advocate. They target gimmicks, products, frauds, or services that aim to rip off consumers.

You’ve probably heard of the Better Business Bureau. It’s one of the leading Consumer Advocate groups that you could work for if you want to get into this career. It checks into claims about businesses, and works to get them shut down or fined if they’re found guilty of putting out misleading advertising, using questionable sales tactics, or selling dangerous products. As a Consumer Advocate, you work to expose manufacturers, hospitals, retail establishments, or other businesses that threaten the safety of the consumer.

Sometimes, the issue is safety, such as mercury in children’s toys; other times, you work to educate the public about services that could help them. For example, the AARP is a group that works to inform the elderly population about the availability, cost, and options of health insurance and other services.

From the care that patients receive at the hospital to the medications lining the Pharmacist ‘s shelves, you’re always looking for ways to keep citizens safe.