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Consulting Producer



Contribute expert knowledge to TV Writers, Directors or Editors.

What does a Consulting Producer do?

What species are the aliens? How does the cop crack the case? If you hear those questions daily, you’re likely a Consulting Producer.

Consulting Producers lend a hand to the Scriptwriters and the Executive Producer of a TV show. They may assist in writing or directing the show depending on where it’s lagging.

Often, as a Consulting Producer, you’ve already worked as a high-level Writer or Producer. You serve on TV shows you once directed but have since parted ways with, or assist Producers with a new show in a similar vein. This Producer-with-benefits position means you can offer ideas and tips to the show’s production crew without working nine to five on the set every day.

Typically, Consulting Producers work within a chosen genre. A paranormal drama knows you’re well versed in vampire lore, or a mystery series needs your knowledge of crime scene investigation. You answer all their burning questions.

Since you’re not tied to the TV set, you may spend some days at home, others at an office, and still others on location wherever the show is filming. You spend time brainstorming episode plots, editing the script, and reviewing previously recorded footage for mistakes.

The freedom of working as a Consulting Producer means you may take on more than one project at a time, depending on the size. You may not sit in the Director ‘s chair, but you still control the details that make or break a much-loved series.

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