Consultant Dietitian

Work as a freelance dietitian, teaching the basics of healthy eating.

What does a Consultant Dietitian do?

An advertising Copywriter may spend hours convincing the public that the five food groups are as follows: salty, crunchy, sticky, sweet, and gooey. Thankfully, for every advertising Copywriter who spreads this sort of information, there’s a Consultant Dietitian available to set the record straight. Consultant Dietitians work in a variety of settings, helping people learn the fundamentals of healthful eating.

As a Consultant Dietitian, you work under a contract, meaning you may not be an employee of the company you work for. In fact, you may work for several companies at the same time as a sort of freelance agent.

Most Consultant Dietitians have a wide range of clients, all referred by their Doctors. People who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or joint problems may need a refresher course from you on why broccoli is better than bacon, and you may write up nifty pamphlets to help describe nutrition fundamentals. When lecture time is over, you draw up specific meal plans to help your patients eat right. In subsequent visits, you tweak your plan based on the client’s feedback.

Food processing plants may call you for help in developing or testing new products. Here, you may run tests to determine the nutritional content of food, or you may provide advice that can make a nasty product just a bit less offensive and a tad more healthful. You may work alongside Chemists and nutrition experts in this role.