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Construction Site Development Manager

Get a site ready for upcoming construction.

What does a Construction Site Development Manager do?

Before a structure can be built, workers must first prepare the site by leveling the ground. The electrical, natural gas, and water lines must be routed to enter the building. The supports that will keep the building upright must be in place. Then the foundation must be poured.

All of this work must be coordinated with the project’s Engineer and Architect, the owners of the building, and the utility companies. This is a Construction Site Development Manager’s job.

As a Construction Site Development Manager, the Architect and Engineer provide you with drawings and other paperwork that tell you how the site should be prepared, and how the materials should look and function. You need to memorize these documents, as they provide you with a map for your work. Having a superb memory is a definite plus. You must be capable of taking down minute figures, and reciting them when prompted.

As Construction Site Development Manager, you’re the one who gets permits for the project and orders the materials you’ll need. You inspect those materials when they arrive to make sure they match your written instructions. As construction progresses, you ensure that the site is being prepared exactly as written in the documents.

You’re responsible for setting the project’s schedule and making sure your team hits those milestones right on time. You may need to discipline your employees if they’re not performing to your expectations.

As the construction site development portion of the project comes to an end, you perform a final inspection. This ensures that everything is complete before the team who will construct the building on the prepared site takes over.