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Construction or Leak Gang Laborer

Perform the tasks in laying and repairing underground gas and steam mains.

What does a Construction or Leak Gang Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks in laying, repairing, and extending underground gas and steam mains and distribution pipes: Erects barricades and places lanterns around work site to protect workers from street traffic. Breaks up pavement, using airhammer, and digs ditches preparatory to laying or removing pipe. Maneuvers pipe sections, valves, and fittings into position, and holds pieces steady while worker tightens threaded connections. Cuts, threads, and joins pipe sections as directed. Assists PIPE CAULKER in caulking pipe joints. Mixes and lays concrete to raise top of manhole to level of new street construction. Patches cracks in underground vault walls with concrete and brushes or sprays walls with waterproof compound. May drive truck and tend mobile ventilating equipment to supply fresh air to workers in underground vaults.