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Construction Manager



Put together construction teams and run the day-to-day action on site.

Salary Range

$69,470 - $121,570

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Construction Manager do?

Construction managers supervise construction projects from beginning to end. This is a huge responsibility, so to be a construction manager, you must have incredible time-management and multi-tasking skills.

As a construction manager, you start by gaining an understanding of the project. Ask questions, research answers. What is the budget? How much time do you have? What permits will you need? With this information, you organize an overall plan. Figure out which sub-contractors you will need, interview, solicit bids, and hire them. With concern for safety, land-use, and employee policies, you inform all teams about the project and get the ball rolling.

Once the ground breaks, you are in charge of the project’s progression. Time management is the biggest part of your job. You schedule inspections, ensure that each worker is there when they are supposed to be and that they finish before the deadline. If one part of the project is hung up, it causes problems for other phases as well. For example, the sheet rockers can’t do their job until the electrician finishes his. Everyone reports to you, often through daily meetings with the foremen of each work crew. In this way, you know the status of each plumber, framer, and landscaper.

In turn, you report to your project manager and the developer, Board of Directors, or City Council who hired you. They want a frequent timeline and budgetary updates. If there are delays or requests for additional funds, you justify those needs and submit the request.

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