Construction Lawyer

Advise clients on the laws surrounding construction.

What does a Construction Lawyer do?

Construction can be a lengthy process that involves a lot of details and legalities. Construction Lawyers represent one side or the other on issues such as land purchases, construction accidents, and equipment malfunctions.

Your client deals with suppliers, subcontractors, materials handling, and equipment contracts each time a hospital, mall, or railroad breaks ground. Part of your job as a Construction Lawyer is to advise them on ways to prevent injury and other causes of lawsuits. Do they pay a legally acceptable rate? Has the equipment been maintained on schedule?

You help develop limited liability for the company by creating contracts with the employees. For example, you have them agree to wear helmets at all times.

In addition to putting preventative measures in place, Construction Lawyers deal with all the paperwork involved. Land deeds, liens, issues with titles, easements, and covenants and restrictions are just a few examples of the documents you review.

If someone is hurt on the job site, you investigate. Did the employee fail to follow protocol? Was he working with faulty equipment? If the dispute turns into a lawsuit, you gather the evidence, research specific laws, maintain correspondence between the parties, build a case, and represent your client in court, if necessary.

This job requires a specialized understanding of the construction arena, an affinity for the law, strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work with a diverse range of people.