Construction Laborer

Perform physical labor tasks on highway and other heavy construction projects.

What does a Construction Laborer do?

Do you spend your weekends tinkering in the garage or building structures for the backyard? Does the word “tools” appear in your Christmas wish list year after year? If you enjoy working with your hands while soaking up the aura of the outdoors, you might enjoy a career in construction. And a position as a Construction Laborer is a great place to start.

With so many areas of specialization within the title of Construction Laborer, you’ll have to decide what interests you. Would you like to frame housing together? Construct bridges? Install brick clock towers? How about building and improving roads? Whether you’re hauling concrete for a tunnel, moving bricks, or digging trenches, as Construction Laborer you have the opportunity to learn a great deal from the more experienced workers around you.

Construction Laborer is an entry-level position that gives you the opportunity to build your career from the ground up. You work under the direct supervision of Contractors or Construction Foremen. Depending on the job, you will have a variety of tasks. Typically, these tasks include loading and unloading supplies, assisting with whatever jobs need done, running for tools, and preparing a site for construction through the use of tools, equipment, and the strength of your back.

Through working with skilled tradesmen, you’ll learn the craft and acquire hands-on experience. Some materials you’ll learn to master are brick, cement, lumber, rock, tar, steel, or glass. And the great thing about this position is that you can move from one field to another if you find something that more closely matches your interests.