Construction Inspector

Evaluate construction sites to make sure they're up to code.

What does a Construction Inspector do?

Construction projects of any type involve myriad details-from material choices, to beam spacing, to supports. While Contractors, Foremen, and Laborers do their best to abide by local building codes and erect safe structures, it’s always nice to have someone to double-check things. That’s where the Construction Inspector comes in. Construction Inspectors work at new construction or remodeling sites to ensure the projects meet code requirements.

As a Construction Inspector, you typically monitor several projects simultaneously. While some sites require just one visit, others may take several. In any case, your job is the same. You go to the job site, whether that’s a tunnel, bridge, residential home, road, or commercial building. Once there, you analyze every aspect of the project. For homes and businesses, that means checking out the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems. You look for the proper structural support, ventilation, drainage, and insulation. For tunnels, bridges, and roads, you ensure proper materials, supports, and techniques were used.

Throughout your inspection, you ask questions, make observations, and take notes. If the project passes inspection, you provide your stamp of approval. You are both the most dreaded and most welcome figure in the construction process. A red check from you means the project will be delayed while the problem is being fixed. A passing score, on the other hand, means certificates of completion can be issued, and the project is done.