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Construction Foreman

Oversee construction crews to make sure they're working safely and quickly.

What does a Construction Foreman do?

No construction job would reach completion without the knowledge, dedication, and hard work of a Construction Foreman. A Construction Foreman supervises work crews at building sites to make sure the project is completed on time and in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way. As if that’s not enough responsibility, Construction Foremen also in charge of hiring, training, evaluating, and firing employees. This makes them the ones everyone turns to.

Foremen are found at every type of construction site. As Construction Foreman, you typically specialize in one area, such as residential or commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, or roadwork. Whatever your specialty, you know all the local codes, and make sure everyone abides by them. Not only does this provide a safe structure, but it also ensures that the Inspector will not find any issues that can delay the project. Delays are inevitable. After all, no one can control Mother Nature or suppliers, but you do your best to anticipate issues and prepare for them.

Scheduling is a large part of your job. It’s no easy task to coordinate dozens of workers, supply deliveries, and large machines. But, it is crucial to the budget that the rented crane doesn’t sit idly for a week because the framing isn’t complete or the vendor hasn’t delivered the metal beams. This job requires a vision for the entire process, not just the labor involved. That means you need to be good at math and reading, be able to interpret blueprints, and have strong supervisory and time management skills.