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Construction Estimator

Calculate how much construction projects will cost.

What does a Construction Estimator do?

The most beautiful building in the world, full of graceful lines and innovative technology, will never be built without the work of one or two Construction Estimators. These professionals determine how much it will cost to build a structure. Sometimes, Construction Estimators scale those lovely dreams back just a touch so the owner can afford to pay for the work without going bankrupt.

As a Construction Estimator working for a building’s owner, you determine how much each aspect of the building will cost. Everything from the cost of water to the price of concrete to the pay rate of workers is included in your report. If the project is particularly large, you may split the work with another Construction Estimator. You may work on the building itself, for example, while the other deals with the electrical and mechanical systems.

If you work for a Contractor, you put together reports much later in the process. Contractors must submit formal bids that state how much they’ll be paid for their portion of the work, and your studies form the basis of that bid. First, you look at the drawings made by the Architect, and you read the report from the owner’s Construction Estimator. Then, you figure out how much it will cost your company to buy materials and install them.

Sometimes, you find areas where your company could save money, and you include those options in your report. Substituting black vinyl countertops for red granite versions, for example, might save big bucks without sacrificing style.