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Construction Administrator

Handle daily paperwork and contracting to keep construction moving.

What does a Construction Administrator do?

Construction seems to be everywhere. From the new shopping mall in the center of town, to the house down the street, to the road repairs that delay our work commute, orange cones and hard hats are an everyday sight. What most of us don’t see, and what Construction Administrators see every day, is the mound of paperwork that it takes to get even one of these jobs done.

Construction Administrators drop by the job site occasionally to check on the progress of the project or evaluate the performance of a subcontractor that he or she scheduled, but the lion’s share of a Construction Administrator’s time is spent in the office.

Long before the first bulldozer rolls onto the site, you work with city, county, or state officials to get approval for the project. Each step of the way, you file applications, supply documents, and request permits. This is a pivotal part of the process because any delays cost the company money.

Once the project is underway, you’re still stapling, filing, completing forms, making phone calls, and wiping ink stains off your hands. You’re in charge of all the contracts required for suppliers or subcontractors. You also handle the agreements with equipment rental companies.

You use computer software programs to carefully track each dollar spent. From employee and materials costs to invoices for lunch, each dollar is tracked and reported to management. With your organization and skill (and a little luck), each project is completed on time and within budget-and the paperwork proves it.