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Constitutional Law Professor



Teach university students about constitutional law.

What does a Constitutional Law Professor do?

Constitutional Law Professors give law students and law scholars the skills and knowledge they need to understand and argue issues surrounding the United States Constitution. Through diverse classroom experiences, including lectures, question-and-answer sessions, and smaller, more intimate reading groups, Constitutional Law Professors guide their students down the path of learning. As a Constitutional Law Professor, you receive support from an administrative staff and Teaching Assistants, and you’re also responsible for communicating with them and directing their efforts for the good of your students and the school.

Your duties extend well beyond the classroom, too. Besides planning curricula and establishing grading guidelines for your classes, you do a lot of writing for legal journals and other publications. Gaining prestige and recognition for your school is an important aspect of the job, and can be vital to securing your place and earning your tenure. Plus, the research you do, aided by Research Assistants, helps you keep abreast of the latest constitutional issues, and deepens your understanding of the issues upon which your career is based.

Your hours are erratic. The combination of classroom time, academic boards, school politics, and social engagements — all critical to your career — really blurs the line between “on the clock” and “the rest of your life.” Expect to spend copious hours surrounded by books, papers, and the trappings of the academic lifestyle. If that’s your idea of a good time, then have at it!

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