Conservation of Resources Commissioner

Direct conservation of natural resources.

What does a Conservation of Resources Commissioner do?

Directs conservation of natural resources within state and negotiates with interested parties to promote maximum utilization of resources consistent with public interest: Initiates conservation programs according to accepted principles and familiarity with characteristics of natural resources and economy of state. Establishes standards for resource depletion, such as annual oil production quotas or limitations on extraction of iron ore deposits. Negotiates with mining interests, petroleum production companies, and other parties to promote conservation principles, encourage technological advancement, and stimulate efficient exploitation of resources. Delivers speeches and participates in discussions with representatives of government, labor, and industry to resolve problems related to conservation and economic development. Participates in establishment and implementation of rehabilitation programs for workers affected by changing technology or loss of markets. Supervises and coordinates, through subordinates, activities of workers engaged in preparing reports, statistics, and other data on departmental activities. May be designated according to resource involved as Commissioner, Iron Range Resources And Rehabilitation.