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Create legislation as a member of Congress.

What does a Congressman do?

A Congressman, more politically correct Congressperson or Congressional Representative, is an elected official who represents the citizens of the United States in congress. A Congressman may work at the state or federal level and they may work in the Senate ( Senator ) or in the House of Representatives ( Representative ).

At the federal level, the United States Constitution allows for two Senators from each state and you are elected for a six-year term with the possibility of re-election. The number of Representatives for each state varies based on the population of the state. As a State Representative, you serve a two-year term with the possibility of re-election. Offices for Congressmen at the state level vary as outlined by each state constitution.

Whichever kind of Congressman you are, your goal is to create, support, and pass laws that benefit the citizens of your home state. In a federal position, you also consider the impact of those decisions on the national as a whole. While you are working to promote your causes, other Congressmen are seeking support for their agendas as well. Your job is to hear the information presented, listen to supporters and detractors, and submit your vote.

The opportunities in this position allow you to make a concrete difference in matters of your heart; changes in education, improved health care, stronger national defense. Whatever your cause, you are a public employee and must keep the interests of the population in mind while you strive to obtain your personal goals.

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