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Conference Director



Supervise the staff in charge of putting a conference together.

What does a Conference Director do?

A Conference Director oversees the complex process of putting on a major event. Rather than dealing directly with nametag holders and workshop times and sandwich platters, Conference Directors have the Conference Planners and other event staff take care of those details while they work on the business side of things.

As Conference Director, you’ll work on getting big-name companies to sponsor the conference: how else do you think attendees get all those perks like energy bars and after parties? And then you’ll promote the event to professionals in the field. This requires having a strong handle on what the event is all about, whom it will benefit, and what the big draws are. Speaking of big draws, you have to make sure you can secure charismatic speakers, appealing entertainment, and an interesting location.

A whole lot of people are involved in putting on a conference-from the Sound Technicians to the coffee cart pushers to the Artist who designs the logo-but in the end, you’re the one responsible for the overall success of the event. So besides your strong supervision skills, which will ensure everything gets done correctly and on time, you also need to have a sense of what makes conference goers tick. After all, a conference is much more than a series of speakers and some free tote bags. If you put enough into it, a conference can be a turning point in someone’s career or an unforgettable life experience.

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