Conduit Mechanic

Build and repair concrete underground vaults and manholes.

What does a Conduit Mechanic do?

Builds and repairs concrete underground vaults and manholes, and installs ducts to provide installation and maintenance facilities for underground power cables: Installs sheeting, shoring, and bracing for excavation. Builds wooden forms and erects steel reinforcing for concrete vaults and manholes. Directs workers engaged in pouring concrete into forms, and removes forms after concrete has set. Installs brackets and braces, and cuts apertures required for installation of electric equipment and ducts. Lays drainpipe and connects it to sewer system. Forces air through ducts to test for obstructions, using air compressor. Demolishes or trims vaults and manholes, using pneumatic tools, working in proximity to high-voltage electric cables and equipment. Cuts and lays tile or fiber ducts, using portable power saw and grinder and brickmason’s handtools. Cuts, threads, bends, and installs metal conduit. May lay precast concrete ducts.