Condominium Manager

Organize a condominium into a peaceful, well-maintained community.

What does a Condominium Manager do?

If a condominium building were a ship, then the Condominium Manager would be the Captain. Condominium Managers must not only oversee the daily maintenance of the building as a whole, but they must also appease each member of the condo association. It’s a hard balancing act and it’s not always smooth sailing, but if you pull it off, you can improve your whole community.

Running a population of condo owners can sometimes feel as useless as mediating between seaworn Sailors. As Condominium Manager, every resident wants different things from you, and each feels a sense of entitlement, as they own an equal share of the property. Sometimes, you even have to act as a Referee in resident disputes, enforcing the association rules and policies fairly. Keeping a level head and trying not to take sides will make everyone respect you and your decisions.

The condo association must especially trust your ability to work with money. Each month, you’re given an allowance of funds, ranging from only a few dollars to a couple thousand, which you use to hire Maintenance Workers, Gardeners, and Cleaners. Monthly meetings with the condo association and check-ins with your Real Estate Manager ensure that you’re keeping on track with the budget and not about to crash on the craggy rocks of overspending.

When new owners arrive, you’re the first to greet them and welcome them into the building. You assist them with any questions they might have, give them a rundown of the rules, and might even have your staff help them move in. They should be happy to come aboard the safe, connected, and beautiful community you’ve worked so hard to create and keep.