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Concrete Stone Finisher



Finish ornamental stone facings of concrete structural products.

What does a Concrete Stone Finisher do?

Finishes ornamental stone facings and surfaces of concrete structural products: Fills holes with grout or mix to repair imperfections in structural panels, floor and roof slabs, highway dividers, grave markers, and ornamental flowerpots, using sponge, trowel, chisel, and hammer. Cuts out damaged areas and drills holes for reinforcing rods, using power saw and drill. Positions reinforcing rods and builds wooden mold around area to be repaired, using handtools. Mixes cement, aggregate, and coloring by hand and fills mold to match specifications of product being finished, using trowel, tamper, and scraper. Polishes stone facings to lustrous finish, using polishing machine [STONE POLISHER, MACHINE], or applies acid solution to stone facing to remove excess facing mix around stones, using brush. Smooths rough spots on stone facing, using hand chisel and abrasive stone. Washes facing with water to remove excess acid and abrasive, using hose.