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Concrete Rubber

Finish surface of concrete products or structural elements.

What does a Concrete Rubber do?

Finishes surface of concrete products or structural elements after forms have been removed: Mixes sand, cement, and water in specified proportions to make cement grout or slurry. Wets surface of concrete to bond surface. Fills holes and cracks with grout or slurry and smooths surface, using trowel. Clamps wooden forms to corners and pours grout or slurry into forms to patch broken corners. Chips, scrapes, rubs, and grinds high spots, ridges, and rough projections from surface to remove defective concrete, using pneumatic chisel or handtools. Cleans chipped area, using wire brush. Feels and observes surface to detect irregularities and rough or uneven surfaces. Selects abrasive stone according to finish specified or step in finishing process. Wets concrete surface and rubs surface with stone to obtain specified finish. May apply muriatic acid to concrete to clean surface.