Concrete Products Dispatcher

Supervise the workers engaged in manufacturing concrete products.

What does a Concrete Products Dispatcher do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in manufacturing concrete products and delivering ready-mix concrete: Quotes prices and receives orders for company products, such as ready-mix concrete, pipes, utility vaults, or septic tanks. Confers with plant production and yard personnel to establish delivery schedules according to factors, such as truck capacities, distances to delivery site, and unloading time. Computes amount of water to be added to each mix of concrete, using moisture meter, to determine moisture content of sand and following moisture mix table. Records quantity of sand, cement, gravel, and water required for each mix on loading ticket for use by CONCRETE-BATCH-PLANT OPERATOR 570.682-014. Prepares invoices, delivery tickets, and related shipping documents and assigns drivers for scheduled deliveries. Receives cash payments for shipments from drivers and prepares reports of cash and charge sales. Posts transactions to customers’ accounts and issues customers account statements to customers. Maintains payroll and driver expense records. Maintains radio contact with drivers to expedite deliveries. Performs other tasks as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. May direct production workers to cast concrete products according to customer specifications. May be designated Dispatcher, Ready-Mix Plant.