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Concrete Paving Machine Operator

Operate concrete paving machines.

What does a Concrete Paving Machine Operator do?

Operates concrete paving machine to spread and smooth freshly poured concrete surfaces for concrete roads and landing fields: Starts machine, engages clutch, and shifts gears to control machine’s movement along rails on concrete forms. Moves levers and turns handwheels to lower attachment that spreads wet concrete within forms. Observes surface of concrete to point out low spots for workers to add concrete. Operates machine with attachments to successively vibrate, screed, strike-off, and float surface of concrete, to spray on curing compound, and cut expansion joints. When cutting expansion joints, places strips of material, such as cork, asphalt, or steel, in joints, or places roll of expansion-joint material on machine that automatically inserts material into joints. When operating machine to screed and float surface, may be designated Concrete-Finishing-Machine Operator. May be designated according to specific function of machine attachment as Center-Line-Cutter Operator; Curing-Machine Operator; Gang-Vibrator Operator; Joint-Machine Operator; Longitudinal-Float Operator. May be designated: Screed Operator; Spreader Operator; Strike-Off-Machine Operator; Vibrating-Screed Operator.