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Conche Operator

Operate conche machines to heat and agitate refined chocolate masses.

What does a Conche Operator do?

Operates conche machine to heat and agitate refined chocolate mass with cocoa butter to enrich color, flavor, and texture: Pumps specified amount of chocolate mixture into steam-heated stationary tank or rotary drum. Meters out specified amount of such ingredients as cocoa butter or flavorings. Turns steam valves and adjusts thermostat to heat contents of tank or drum to specified temperature. Pushes lever to start agitators and rotate drum. Pushes levers to change rate of agitation, drum rotation, and temperature, following specified time cycles. Observes and tastes mixture to evaluate conformity to standard and sends sample to laboratory for analysis. Adjusts temperature, agitation speed and timing cycle, and adds ingredients, such as cocoa butter and lecithin, according to laboratory findings. Pumps mixture to storage tank.