Concert Promoter

Coordinate all aspects of putting on rocking concerts.

What does a Concert Promoter do?

The music industry is a business, and concerts are one of the most important products it sells. Concerts are what gets new fans interested in bands, sells merchandise and CD’s, and introduces new talent. Concert promoters are in charge of making sure everything involved with a concert—from bookings to marketing to day of—goes perfectly.

The beginning of any concert organizing starts with the booking of the band. As a concert promoter, you work with music agents and talent buyers to find acts, both opening and main stage, and then negotiate with each band’s entourage and venue owners for how much the bands will make.

After negotiations and booking, you start in on marketing. You need to decide where to best put your advertising money, which might mean free ticket contests on the radio, flyers around town, TV ads, or billboards. Concert promoters are also in charge of the public relations, so you either hire a firm to take care of the media or do the press releases, interviews, press conferences, and other media relations yourself.

Once the concert date gets close, you start hiring ticket takers, security, and anyone else who will work the concert. When the actual night comes, your job isn’t over yet. You’re at the venue to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, helping to troubleshoot on unforeseen problems and taking care of any last-minute needs that pop up.