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Concert Photographer

Capture the excitement of the crowd at festivals, concerts, and more.

What does a Concert Photographer do?

With the stealth of a Hunter, you wait, watch, and snap rockin’ concert photos despite jostling crowds and poor lighting. A Concert Photographer has a well-trained eye and a sixth sense for knowing the exact moment to click away, letting them capture images that portray the atmosphere of a concert better than words ever could.

To work as a Concert Photographer, you must be so well acquainted with your camera that it becomes an extension of your body. Once you can adjust the aperture setting while hopping on one foot and patting your head, then you’re ready. Or at least, when you can shoot photos without checking the screen every two seconds.

As a Concert Photographer, you take on gigs from media outlets that can offer access to the front rows of upcoming concerts. Once the concert starts, forget planning and organization. You keep equipment to the minimum and go with the flow while you try to frame the lead Singer in a flattering shot.

With a bit of practice, you’ll develop the instincts needed to work with less-than-stellar lighting, predict when a Singer is about to strike a pose, and frame a photo that blocks out the Drummer flailing wildly in the background.

Sometimes, it seems snapping photos of lions on the Serengeti would be less challenging. Yet capturing even one adrenaline-filled moment makes it all worth it. The crowd holds its breath, the lights brighten, the Guitarist strikes a chord, and click! A shot ready to grace the covers of magazines.