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Concept Artist

Concept Artist


Think up characters, objects, or environments for films or video games.

What does a Concept Artist do?

A Concept Artist imagines and designs things that do not yet exist. Concept Artists tend to work in entertainment fields, where the creation of non-existent entities is in constant demand. This position is based in drawing and illustration, and a Concept Artist’s work might create aliens for upcoming blockbusters or weapons for a video game set in prehistoric time

Your daily tasks in this position generally follow a set trajectory: First, you meet your client and draw up some quick sketches to determine the direction you are heading. This step can be rather lengthy, as clients will make you go through a lot of paper before they are happy with the interpretation. Once you both are happy with the preliminary concepts (ok, I like the monster design as a cyclops with one hand) then you define, shade, and color a few options. Your client will pick the one they want, and pass it off to the Animator or career_link 3d-modeler

For this position you need the ability to communicate well with your clients, visualize what they want, and combine their vision with your own ideas to create a new object. As you work in new worlds—like sci-fi and fantasy—you need a lot of imagination. After all, your clients are hiring you to create a look that they want but can’t think of.n

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