Computerized-Photofinishing Equipment Service Tech

Analyze malfunctions in computerized photofinishing equipment.

What does a Computerized-Photofinishing Equipment Service Tech do?

Analyzes malfunctions in computerized electromechanical photofinishing equipment and replaces or repairs defective components, utilizing knowledge of equipment operation and repair: Examines and tests equipment to determine nature and probable cause of malfunction, using work aids such as voltmeter, ohmmeter, schematic drawings, and equipment specifications. Removes and replaces defective electronic, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components, such as pipes, valves, printed circuit boards, wiring, switches, thermostats, heaters, motors, pumps, gears, and drive chains, using handtools and following drawings and manufacturer’s manuals. Tightens or solders loose connections and fittings, and performs related repairs. Adjusts equipment to manufacturer’s specifications, using handtools and measuring instruments. Test operates equipment to ensure that defects have been corrected.