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Computer Typesetter-Keyliner

Lay out pages and enter texts and graphics into computer.

What does a Computer Typesetter-Keyliner do?

Lays out pages, selects size and style of type, and enters text and graphics into computer to produce printed materials, such as advertisements, brochures, newsletters, and forms, applying knowledge of graphic arts techniques and typesetting and using computer: Reviews layout and customer order. Enters text into computer, using input device such as mouse, keyboard, scanner, or modem. Scans artwork, using optical scanner which changes image into computer-readable form. Enters commands to position text and illustrations on page grid of computer monitor. Creates spaces between letters, columns, and lines, applying knowledge of typesetting, and enters commands, using input device. Arranges page according to aesthetic standards, layout specifications of GRAPHIC DESIGNER 141.061-018, and applying knowledge of layout and computer software. Prints paper or film copies of completed material. May alter illustration to enlarge, reduce, or clarify image. May operate stat camera to produce photostat. May operate automatic film developer to process photographs. May assemble art work into pasteup and perform keylining manually [PASTE-UP ARTIST 972.381-030].