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Computer Support Specialist



Help customers troubleshoot computer issues.

Salary Range

$52,810 - $91,220

What does a Computer Support Specialist do?

Computer Support Specialists know computers inside and out. Whether they are on the other end of the phone line, on an internet chat, sitting at NASA, or at the front counter of Best Buy, Computer Support Specialists help customers identify problems with their computers.

If you’re a Computer Support Specialist, you understand that computers are quirky machines. But while most of us can do nothing but throw our hands in the air in frustration, you know exactly what to do. You start running a mental diagnostic, ask questions, patiently talk the customer through the troubleshooting steps, and continue to offer guidance until the problem is fixed.

Your job as a Computer Support Specialist is a lifeline for those us who expect to be able to turn our computer on and have it work all the time. Sometimes, you’re referred to as “Tech Support” because your job is indeed technical. You have to know everything about modems, servers, routers, operating systems, software, and hardware in order to identify the problem and assist the customer.

Because you are a specialist, you typically focus your expertise on one type of application, operating system, or program. Sometimes, you specialize on a major system such as that used at a nuclear power plant, missile defense facility, or air traffic control tower. It’s no small task to troubleshoot and fix a problem with an air traffic control system with hundreds of planes circling above. So you have to be able to work well under pressure, pay attention to detail, and be a concise communicator.

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