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Computer Science Professor



Teach university students about computer science.

What does a Computer Science Professor do?

In the 1960s, computers were massive, hulking heaps of plastic and metal, housed in giant warehouses and used only by top Scientists. Now, computers that are just as powerful can be kept in the back pocket of a teen’s favorite pair of jeans. The field of computer science keeps expanding each year, and Computer Science Professors help students learn about the industry. Far from teaching elementary concepts, Computer Science Professors teach at the college or university level, so the courses they hold are for advanced students.

As a Computer Science Professor, you spend some, if not most, of your time teaching classes. This involves choosing a textbook, developing a syllabus, giving lectures, providing and reviewing exams, and handing out grades. Sometimes, you have Teaching Assistants who help you with these tasks.

The rest of your time is spent conducting original research and writing about the results. This intellectual task allows you to explore new theories and advance your field, but it also allows you to help promote your school, keeping your University President quite happy. Doing this research can be expensive, and your institution may not be willing to fund your thoughts, so you also spend a significant amount of time writing letters to organizations that hand out grant money.

To stay involved with your institution and your student body, you attend meetings, sporting events, more meetings, and recruitment events. Sometimes, you sit in on interviews for new Computer Science Instructors, and you ask probing questions to help your team pick the right employee.

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