Computer Peripheral Equipment Operator

Operate computer peripheral equipment.

What does a Computer Peripheral Equipment Operator do?

Operates computer peripheral equipment, such as printer, plotter, computer output microfiche machine, and document reader-sorter to transfer data to and from computer and to convert data from one format to another: Reads instructions and schedule, such as schedule of documents to be printed, or receives instructions from supervisor orally, to determine work for shift. Mounts reels and cartridges of magnetic tape in tape drives, loads paper in printer, loads checks or other documents in magnetic ink reader-sorter or optical character reader, sets guides, keys, and switches, enters commands into computer, using computer terminal, and performs other tasks, to start and operate peripheral machines. Observes machine operation and error lights on machines to detect malfunction. Observes materials printed for defects, such as creases and tears. Removes faulty materials and notifies supervisor of error or machine stoppage. Unloads and labels magnetic tape for delivery to other worker or tape library. May separate, sort, and distribute output. May clean and supply equipment operated with paper, ink, film, developing solution, and other materials.